Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Why money saving is important

When saying about money saving, what goes through your mine ?

Well, everybody's know money useful when you really in need or desperate like funeral and so on. Nowadays, money savings is to familiar to hear, so some people just ignore this.
While Some people did keep a money for a reason. Example for a marriage, but just for that. After that.. What happen ? The couple through a hardship life.

The same thing happen to me when I got married.

Small salary for other workers cause they think none about savings. All money goes to grocery and enjoy. By middle of month. Here again, complaining about money.

I did realize about money savings. But, never thought it was important. Until one day my husband got summon and it was a very hard month for us.

One thing you need to realize, money are like water. It will flow away if you don't keep it wisely.

I start to do money saving just a bit. $50 per month. Sometimes $30 or $100 or more..

But at least there is something we could remember when go through a hardship life or matter. 

 It will getting more without you realize it. Better than those bit money goes to buying of candy or cake and any useless things.

 Don't wait until you get lots of money then you will think to keep you money in bank.

 Tips if you really want to avoid of money withdrawal ;

  • Choose a bank that give you satisfying investment in return. 

  • Set in your mine, no money in anywhere. So, you would avoid yourself from taking the money unless if you really desperate. Only think that this money is the last method you will use.

  • It will be very better if you just own a bank book and no bank card. Bank card will encourage to withdraw your money while it was very easy to use. But, if you only have a bank card, never mind. Just avoid of always bring the card together with you. keep it on a safety lock desk.

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