Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to do related post with thumbnail without html edit

Need to do related post with thumbnail like this below your post? 

Well, this time there's no much work to do or having headache editing related post with thumbnail.

Sometimes script doesn't work and may ruined the entire blog. Now, this tutor will be very easy for you to follow since there's no html edit on template.

 You can just get a widget that is very easy to get and it's FREE.

LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive.

To get the widget, just click  here.

  • Email - enter your email address.
  • Blog Link - Your blog url / blog address. Example :
  •  Platform - Your hosting. Choose blogger.
  •  Width - How many related post you would like to appear.
 Linkwithin will show you how to install their widget which is very easy.

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