Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How to choose a blog niche

Niche is a basis of entire blog. It may affect how your whole blog look.
I did find it quiet hard for me to choose a niche at first.

Does niche important?

Niche is important if you want to make money with it. High paying niche are including a blog about health, financial and so on.

Avoid writing a post about your own personal life especially if there's no useful content or information for viewer.

What niche should I write?

I suggest you to write a post that you were expert about. You may enjoy to write about it since there's a lot of thing you can share.

 For example, if you a mom, you must have lots of experience for being a mother. You can write a tips of how to take care for a baby or some pregnancy tips. You can write related to your own motherhood experience. Search engine are friendly to fresh content. Easy right..

Can I do high paying niche blog?

Definitely. This shouldn't be a problem if you ready to spend some time doing research.

Below are tools that would help you to find content for your blog ;
  • Google alerts - This is the best way to find new content. All you need is to register and enter the topic you would like to write. Google will send a notification email about the article you need. Choose only the best result.
  • Ezine article - This site content multiple article submit by multiple writer that free from spelling mistake. 
  • Yahoo! Buzz - What interesting about  this web is it content all latest news in the whole world. You can choose the duration of news and the news category.
  • Digg - Is a popular social bookmarking. Kevin Rose earn million dollar through adsense program on Digg. Until now, many web copy a concept from Digg to build their site.
  • Yahoo! Anwers - This web content a question and answers from users. This may help you to do some research before writing a new post related to your niche. 
 Tips - Choose 1 to 5 article that attract you. You can rewrite and combine it with your own creativity. Avoid copy and paste from other people article. This is hated by search engine and you may be thought as spam.

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