Friday, 29 June 2012

2 simple things new blogger must avoid

Well you surely didn't know what things you must avoid to do if you a new blogger.  Small mistake may ruined whole blog.

When I first start blogging, everything seems like a new discovery. I was to dare to try and did make some error that make me really regret. Some of my blog problem I manage to find the solution but some of it return no solution at all.

1. First of all. Blog url -This is your blog address. For example Think carefully before you set your blog address. If you still blur about your domain name, still unsure about your blog content or don't have specific blog title. Just put your name for blog url.

Don't change it once you have made it especially when you already submit your site to search engine. Search engine will consider it as a different blog since the url is change. Your reader might found 404 error because of this mistake.

 I made the same mistake when I was really new in blogging. It looks so easy to change blog address. It shows no warning at all. But when I try to find my blog again, It's return error. 

Tips : If you really need to change your url, change with domain name or more better paying domain as it redirect the new url to your blog.

2. Changing of template - Well everybody's want their blog to look nice by choosing the best template. But do remember,  If you change your template to other blogger template, you will lose all widget without warning.

While changing template to third party template make you lose you widget or double your widget if you don't manage it carefully.

Tips : If you really need to change blogger template to third party template, make sure to back up your old template first and more important, don't forget to keep your widget.