Friday, 29 June 2012

10 ways to promote your blog for free

There's so many ways to promote your blog. Some of the method you may have already use without you realize it. There is two way to promote your blog ; free or paying.

My tutor here is to teach you how to promote your blog for free. Well I suppose everyone loves FREE. It's not really necessary to do paying method to get traffic to your blog since you can do it for free although its a bit slower. But, what's important is you can save your money cost.

1. SEO - Is the short word for search engine optimization. This method is really effective. SEO technique made your blog easy to get listed on search engine such as google, yahoo! and bing. I suggest you to make a research about keyword to find what best keyword for your blog.

2. Submit url and site to search engine - Don't forget to submit your blog url and site to search engine.

3. Comment to other blogger's blog - If you often give a comment to other blogger's site, you have already promote your own blog without you realize it. Here's how to attract their reader. Help the blogger reader by answer their question or problem. Create a link on your comment to bring them to your site. Read how to link blog with comment here  

4. Link or banner exchange - Contact with other blogger to exchange their banner or link. This method effective because it makes your blog friendly to search engine. Your page rank also increase with this.

5. You Tube - Nowadays, you Tube was very famous. Worldwide using it. Don't waste this opportunity. Be among of them. Create a video about your blog and don't forget to enter your url.

6. E zine article - If you a very good writer, you can submit any of your blog article to this article directory. This blog directory famous with none spelling mistake and grammar.

7. Forum - Join the forum and be active in it. Be friendly to your member by giving them your tips and advice that their need. You can promote your link on the forum. But. do REMEMBER that not all forum allow you to put your blog link or any kind of blog promotion. So, read the term and condition first before joining.

8. Put your blog on commercial - But as for FREE. When you were typing free classified , you will see many web portal for commercial and it free. You should try it.

9. Web 2.0 - Is a type of blog that content multiple article submit by multiple writer. As we know, Hubpages and squidoo are part of it. You need to register as member first and submit your article to them.

10. Social network site - Benefit your blog with Myspace, friendster, twitter and tagged to promote your blog.

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